2C Country Contest

2C Country Contest


Indian Creek Plaza and Dirt Road Dancing have teamed up to bring the Second Annual, Country Swing Dance Contest on Saturday, September 18, 2021. Contest is FREE for all contestants. All competitors will need to register online, by midnight September 17th. Dancers will be required to check in no later than 2PM at the Dirt Road Dancing booth, next to the plaza bridge.


•All contestants must be at least 14 years of age.
•Must be registered by midnight, Friday, September 17th.
•This is an open competition for all skill levels.
•All competitors must check in and sign liability waver day of contest by 2:00PM.


The overall top three highest scores will be awarded prizes.
•1St Place: $150 Cash, Prize Pack
•2nd Place: $100 Cash, Prize Pack
•3rd Place: $50 Cash, Prize Pack

Contest Regulations:

•Judges will be selected prior to contest.
•Judges are not allowed to compete in contest.
•Lifts, drops and aerials are allowed but not required. There are no lift maximums.
•Judging starts at first movement of performance with or without music.
•Contestants will be divided into separate dance heats (groups) to start.
•The number of heats will depend on total number of contestants.
•Each heat will dance 2 songs together (one, fast, one slow).
•Judges will determine the overall top five competitors.
•The overall top five couples will dance one song individually on the stage.
•The overall five finalists will choose their final song from a predetermined song list provided by contest officials.
**Due to Covid-19, and Canyon County regulations, face masks are not required, but please do not come if you or someone you know is ill. **Note: All subject to change based on city safety ordinances.

Judging Criteria

Total possible score is 50 points. All judges’ scores are final. Unsportsman like conduct to other contestants, judges, or audience will be immediately disqualified. In the event of a tie, contest coordinators will choose song for “dance off.”

Timing – “How Your Body Connects to the Music”. Movement to music, suitable tempo, overall fluidity of dance, rhythmic, in unison. 1-10 Scale

Technique – “How Well You Do What You Do.” Execution of movements, footwork, balance, control, frame, and how well turns & spins are executed, and control of arms and hands. 1-10 Scale

Teamwork – How Well You Work Together.” Country Swing is a connected, partner dance. Does the connection and the appearance of lead/follow flow, ability to work together as a team, no yank and crank. Does not compromise safety of partner or others around them. 1-10 Scale

Content/Choreography – “What You Do.” The selection and order of movements and transitions executed, demonstrates an intimate connection with the music, good variety and contrast of movements. Choreography must be tasteful and respectful to the audience. 1-10 Scale

Showmanship/Presentation – “How Well You Sell What You Do.” Is it exciting, inviting and generate a good interest from crowd? Overall stage presence and attire. 1-10 Scale